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Bitcoin Gambling: The latest trend in 2013

(Source: Very likely the second oldest profession in the world, people all over the planet love – and have always loved (and very likely will always love) – gambling.

There is just something about putting a little skin in the game of your own, never really knowing whether or not you’re going to strike it big or come up empty with every single turn of the card, roll of the dice, or spin of the slots. A multibillion dollar industry all over the world already, gambling continues to prove that it is recession proof – there’s just nothing that can slow it down.

That’s not entirely true

The fact of the matter is that there is only one force known to humanity that can actually slow down the spread of the gambling – and even this is ineffective at best. I’m talking of course about the legal ramifications, endless laws and rules on the books already, and politicians who promised to wipe this traditional experience from human history forever.

Because of the enormous amount of money – and the almost compulsive need for control of that money by people in power – gambling is one of the most tightly controlled industries on the face of the planet. Every single dollar that comes in or comes out of these gaming platforms is accounted for, regulated, taxed, and whatever else the government decides to do with it, making for traditional gambling one of the more rocky propositions you could ever be involved in.

Which is precisely why bitcoin gambling has become so amazingly popular, almost overnight.

Bitcoin Gambling – The biggest thing in 2013

While this completely decentralized and digital-based currency has yet to take over the kind of global dominance that many financial experts one day anticipate that it will, the cold hard truth of the matter is that more and more people are looking to tap into bitcoin and all of the amazing features that it provides.

Because of the completely destabilized global economy – with countries like Greece 100% defaulting on their financial obligations, only to watch her their currency become almost worthless overnight – and other economic pressures pushing on regular people just like you and I, the idea of a decentralized, uncontrolled, but still incredibly valuable currency system has become very interesting and exciting indeed.

Though you might not be able to go down to the corner store and purchase groceries with bitcoin yet, you can certainly get into bitcoin gambling – a pastime that combines two of our favorite things in a real money in the form of bitcoins and the ability to hit it big or squander it all just by playing our favorite gambling games.

Just how big is bitcoin gambling anyway?

While it is almost impossible to peg the specific numbers regarding just how big and popular bitcoin gambling has already become – many of those numbers are held only by private companies who don’t share their user information in any way whatsoever – just the sheer volume of new coin casinos that have popped up all over the globe should be evidence enough that things are dramatically changing.

Just a short year ago there were only a handful of bitcoin gaming institutions out there while today you’ll have no trouble finding 20-50 already established online groups ready for you to create an account and play with. This number only looks to continue to increase and grow as time goes on, with many thousands of people already using this method to do some very exciting gambling.

Responsible for nearly 50% of the daily – yes, daily – movement in the Bitcoin world, bitcoin gambling is essential to racking up a small fortune (or a large one) in bitcoin

Because of the unique way that people are able to earn bitcoins, a process known as bitcoin mining, it is next to impossible for anyone to corner the market, so to speak, in regards to this digital currency. This ensures that everyone has a fair chance of adapting bitcoin as their currency of choice, while at the same time rewarding people who are willing to put in the extra effort necessary to earn more and more bitcoins.

Of course, you can shortcut this entire process by taking part in bitcoin gambling – responsible for nearly 50% of the daily network volume across the bitcoin block chain. This is almost impossible to understand and fathom without really getting into the technical specifics of the bitcoin world, but suffice to say that if you are looking to really rack up a significant chunk of bitcoin currency and this is the way to do so.

But it’s not like bitcoin casinos are only valuable as far as bitcoins are – many of them are widely regarded as multimillion dollar businesses, a number that will also continue to grow over the next few years and into the future. Bitcoin gambling is a big deal already, and only looks to explode in popularity because of the inability for nations to regulate against. Now’s the time to get in on the ground floor.

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